Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Will the Pup Stack work for my dog?

The Pup Stack is only recommended for most dogs up to 40 lbs. Every dog is different based on age, activity level, and temperament. Please refer to our Pup Stack weight guidelines for more details.

What is the maximum weight of the Pup Stack?

The base Pup Stack comes with a 10 lb. base plate bringing the total weight of the standard Pup Stack to a little over 13 lbs. Additional Pup Stack weight plates can be purchased separately based on your dog's weight and requirements. Please refer to our Pup Stack weight guidelines for more details.

Why would someone use the Pup Stack indoors?

The Pup Stack is incredibly versatile and can be used indoors for temporary purposes such as cleaning house, bringing in groceries, cooking, or if you're having guests over that are not exactly pet-friendly. The Pup Stack is the perfect replacement for gates that are setup to temporarily quarantine your pup since they don't introduce an obstacle in your home. And since the tie-out line on the Pup Stack can be locked in at any length, such as a foot or two, you don't need to worry about tripping on the line. The Pup Stack is not meant to be used indoors for long periods of time and no dog should be left on the Pup Stack unsupervised.

Why can't the Pup Stack support larger dogs?

The Pup Stack is built for portability and the weight required to properly secure larger dogs is much more than anyone would want to carry around. We decided the maximum weight of 40 lbs. is the top end of what most people would consider portable.

Where can I use the Pup Stack?

You can use the Pup Stack anywhere. Outdoors, indoors, and on any surface. The bottom of the Pup Stack includes rubber skid pads which serve to add traction to the Pup Stack while also making it safe for hardwood and tile floors. We recommend keeping the Pup Stack away from dirt and debris as much as possible to maintain its smooth operation. If you happen to take the Pup Stack to the beach, place it on a large beach towel and avoid getting sand in the grooves or locking dial as the function of the Pup Stack may be impaired. Refer to our Safety Guidelines for more information about using the Pup Stack around obstructions.

Does the Pup Stack ship for free?

Yes, your Pup Stack should ship at no charge. However, there is a $60 shipping allowance given to any order, which means if your order requires a shipping charge of more than $60 you will be asked to pay the balance in your shopping cart. The Pup Stack is a weighted device and ordering more than 1 Pup Stack and additional weights will incur high shipping costs to some parts of the US. The vast majority of orders will ship at no charge.