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Attention Puppy Parents!

  • Replace all of this...

  • ...with the Pup Stack.

Small Size. Big Benefits.

  • 20 ft. of Tie-Out Line

    The Pup Stack includes 20 feet of durable, rubber coated tie-out line that you can lock at any length so your pup can stay or play.

  • Lock in Your Length

    Lock the tie out line to any length you choose. Maybe 2 feet when you need to keep your pup close or extend the line to 20 feet when it's play time.

  • 360-Degree Rotation

    The Pup Stack smoothly rotates 360 degrees for fewer tangles. Your pup can move freely without losing any length of the tie-out line.

  • Built-In Storage

    Always have everything you need wherever you go. Treats, poop bags, and chew toys all fit into the Pup Stack's built-in storage container.

  • Removable Water Bowl

    The Pup Stack includes two removable bowls for food and water. If you're out for a long day and your pup gets thirsty, we've got you covered.

  • Expandable to 40 lbs.

    The Pup Stack has a built in 10 lb. base plate but can expand and grow with your puppy. Check out our weight guidelines for more information.

How will you use the Pup Stack? Here's a few ideas.

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The Pup Stack is portable and always ready for a good time. Just like your pup!

  • Road trip
  • Park
  • Camping
  • Beach
  • Your kid's next soccer game
  • Your front porch or patio


Sure, the Pup Stack is fun outdoors, but it's incredibly useful indoors as well!

  • Light grooming and brushing
  • Carrying in groceries
  • Cooking
  • Replace your gates
  • Cleaning house
  • Friends visiting


The Pup Stack Pack includes everything you need when you're away from home and on your next adventure.

It includes:

  • Tennis ball
  • Chew bone
  • Rope toy
  • 4 rolls of potty bags
  • Pup Stack branded treat bag

And it all fits conveniently in the Pup Stack storage container.


Meet Karol. She's been training dogs for over 20 years. Here's what she thinks about the Pup Stack.

Is the Pup Stack Right for Your Pup?

The Pup Stack has a built in 10 lb. base plate to accommodate smaller dogs but can grow with your puppy. The Pup Stack is expandable up to 40 lbs. Please refer to our Pup Stack weight guidelines for more details.


Safety is our Top Priority

We know how important your pet is and what your pet means to you. The Pup Stack was created so you could secure your pup whenever and wherever necessary to keep your pup safe. Please be sure to review our safety guidelines before using your Pup Stack.